Rosendahl Water Carafe - Grand Cru Soft

Serve water with style – Serve ice-cold water with mint leaves, slices of lemon or fresh berries to give the water a twist. This carafe is both capacious and easy to clean. Its organic shape and simple steel collar makes it easy to team with other table and glassware.

Ksh. 4,960

The carafe is marked by Grand Cru series characteristic grooves cut across all elements of this series, which allows you to create a good balance across the table setting. The aesthetic and functional design is crafted in lead-free glass, and can be beautifully combined with Grand Cru Soft-drink glasses (sold separately) that have the same elegant style.

Designer: Rosendahl
Colour: Clear
Material: Lead-free glass and stainless steel
Diameter: 12.3 cm
Height: 26.5 cm
Volume: 1 l

 Dishwasher safe up to 55 ° C

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