Purchase & Delivery Details

We accept cash on delivery or money transfer for the purchase of our items on the web shop. 

In case of cash on delivery, a courier will deliver the items to you at an extra charge, or you can agree to meet with the web shop assistant at a specified location for the delivery of goods, which will also give you an opportunity to look at the product before purchase. There are no delivery charges for this mode of transaction. This service is only available to customers within the Nairobi area. 

We also offer delivery services to the rest of the country at reasonable rates, in this case only the money transfer service is feasible. 

To order and purchase our products from the web shop, you need to jot down the name of the product/s you are interested in and call the number on our contact details or email to us. 

Note that, as all our products are handpicked from a pool of Danish designers, there might be a limitation in how much stock of an item we have. This means that we will not have 20 or 30 pieces of the same item in stock. This is a way of maintaining our uniqueness.