Solar Light Lom

Garden Decorative Solar Lamp, Garden Lamp, and Path Lamp. Use the power of the sun to illuminate your garden at night for free. This elegantly designed solar light comes with a beautiful, improving its overall looks while also keeping it free of rust.

ksh. 3,290 

Very stylish when turned on at night, provide 6 to 8 hours of soft light at night. Suitable for use in the garden, lawn, villa, park, or yard at no power cost, no wiring required and simple assembly. Light turns on/off automatically. Improve safety on your property.

Light turns on/off automatically -
Maintenance free, and completely easy to install -
No household electricity cost - 
No wiring required - 
Solar panel  
White LED light. 
Size:  D17 x H52 cm Diameter: 17 cm,
Height: 52 cm
Material: Steel, real glass 
Colour: Brown 
Weight: 0.5 kg 
Rechargeable battery 
Usage: Outdoor Frost proof: Yes

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