Broste Copenhagen High End Rug

Pimp your home with this exclusive woven leather rug in exquisite quality. The rug is hand-flatted in leather strips of beige, grey and brown shades. The rug has a distinctly edgy, eclectic look and feel to it that one would adore and would look great in any room, from hallway to living room or bedroom. Leather carpet fits many styles, where in different ways gives character. It is also incredibly practical and durable. You will therefore enjoy the high end rug, whether you are the minimalist or the romantic style type.

 Ksh. 15,000

 Colour: Multi (Beige, light grey & brown)
 Materials: Genuine leather and cotton yarn. Size: 80CM X 250 CM
 NOTE: Some floors can be delicate and particularly susceptible. Therefore, it’s recommended that the rug be used with anon slip  carpet pad.


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