Designer’s Electric Kettle by JACOB JENSEN

Well-designed kettle for Intelligent Shoppers 

You will find it hard not to fall in love with this danish designer, Jacob Jensen, well, not after you get to see, touch and own one of he’s timeless, elegant and well-crafted product.  This electric kettle is of pure lines, simple forms, contrasts of light and dark. A unique, stylistically consistent and today classic form language. Developed by Jacob Jensen and continued and refined by his son, Timothy Jacob Jensen. A generation of danish designers, who have contributed to the aesthetics and pleasure of everyday life by designing products of high idea content, radical purity and quiet beauty. 

Kshs. 16,000 

The Jacob Jensen Electric Kettle is a cordless electric kettle in sandblasted aluminium with several features: Wall mounting set included, 360 degrees base, ergonomic handle, one-touch opening, water level indicator, safety lid with automatic switch off, removable limescale filter and ON/OFF button with blue light indication. The combination of brand new colours, sandblast aluminium and black details gives you stylish and sophisticated kitchen details in a classic and timeless design. 

This is a cordless kettle I would recommend to people who adores timeless design and functionality. It comes in a nice package, would therefore make a perfect gift for a special person! 

Material. ABS, aluminium, wall mounting set included 
Colour. Black, 
Power. 1630 Watt
Dimension. H = 16,2 cm, D = 13 cm, L = 21,4 cm 
Content - 0,6 Litre 

 Wall mounting set is included.

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