Erik Bagger Hot 'n' Cold Drink Glasses

Hot 'n' cold drink glass with black silicone. The glasses can be used for everything from cold smoothies, juices and water on a hot day or hot cocoa, coffee, tea and mulled wine on a cold day. The combination of silicon and glass ensures that the glass always has a temperature that is comfortable to hold. 

Ksh. 5,920 a set of 4

 The colorful base gives a festive contrast to the classic white container, as in its design feels elegant and modern. Erik Bagger's vision for the products is to create future classics that can be enjoyed for years to come. This means that he’s products are not only timeless, stylish and simple, but also designed with an uncompromising vision of functionality and quality.

Colour: Black 
Material: Glass, silicone 
Size: 31 cl. 
Dishwasher safe. 

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