Holmegaard Cocoon Champagne Glasses

A champagne glass is a festive touch to any dinner. Peter Svarrer creates glass design with an eye for both functionality and sensuality. He has reproduced the organic shape of series of wine glasses with a curved stem. A design that invites to rotate the glass between fingers again and again.

 Kshs. 4,960 a set of 2

Sideboard the festive bubbles gently along the inside of the glass to preserve as much of the original flavor and bubbles as possible. The series also includes glass of burgundy, Bordeaux, white wine, schnapps and water, and a roomy decanter. A set of 2 glasses comes packaged in a gift box. An exceptional set of Champagne glasses with a pure Scandinavian modern form, extremely elegant for every occasion. Series:

Cocoon Designer: Peter Svarrer
Quantity: 2 pcs.
Material: Fine Glass
Volume: 22 cl

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