Menu Kettle Thermo Jug & 2 Mugs

When the weather is so damn cold, there are never too many mentions of anything that will keep you warm. And, goodness, a lukewarm cup of coffee or tea is just what you need, especially when an appropriate receptacle can keep liquids piping hot for hours. Thermo jug by menu with drip-free spout and elegant steel indicator, that shows whether the jug is open or not.

 Ksh. 9,600

The Decour thermo cups feature a playful and captivating calligraphy, Japanese inspired and Nordic in colour. The brush stroke harmonizes with the porcelain cup’s simple, organic lines and gently rounded base, making it pleasing to the touch and to the eye. New Norm Thermo Cup features an insulating double wall that keeps beverages hot while remaining comfortable to hold. 

Pitcher dimensions: L8.25xD5.75xH9 
Cup dimensions: 3.25DX3.5H
Pitcher capacity: 1 L Cup capacity: 7.1 ounce capacity porcelain cups 
Thermos bottom unscrews to easily clean glass inserts 
Hand wash. 

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