Rig Tig by Stelton Mixing Bowls with Lids – 2pcs

Quality mixing bowls with smart styling. Whip your cream, marinate your meat or prepare your dough for baking in RIG-TIG mixing bowls that come in 3 different sizes. The bowls are made of bamboo melamine where 30% bamboo fibres have been added in order to give a nice and interesting structure. The unique top edge allows you to pour from any side and on the inside of the bowls. In order to avoid water gathering in the bottom when dish washed, small drains for the water to run off have been added. 

 Ksh. 3,360 per piece

Practical lids for your RIG-TIG mixing bowls have been added. The lids are designed for optimal functionality with a see through lid that allows you to see the content of the bowl. The shape of the lid makes it very easy to put the lid on and lift it off. You can easily stack the mixing bowls and enjoy the harmony of three colours. 

Height: 12,5 cm 
Measure: 1.5l 
Colour: Creamy Blue
Note: Not microwave safe 
Designer: Danish, Jens Fager.
Free of BPA and phthalates 

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