Mormor Ribbed Cups - Normann Copenhagen

Create a unique effect on your table with mormor ribbed cups. The Mormor line designed by Gry Fager is a collection of vessels with a remarkably Scandinavian character. The word “Mormor” means “Grandmother” in Danish, and the tableware collection refers to the very simple, traditional Scandinavian shapes remembered by Danes from the kitchens of their grandmothers. The designer has made use of interesting features to lend a split personality to the material of which the vessels are made. The inspiration is textiles and the things that we are accustomed to surrounding ourselves with when in the kitchen. With this in mind, Gry Fager has incorporated the enjoyment of food and the table as a focal point in which time and togetherness are important qualities. With Mormor, the kitchen is the place where everything starts, the central nervous system of the house where people all gather.
Kshs. 9,600 a set of 6 cups

Mormor has a simple idiom which addresses function and underlying inspiration. It consists of a humorous and functional series for breakfast, lunch or for a picnic. Components of Ribbed and Squared collection can be combined to create a unique effect. 


Material: porcelain 
Height: 9 cm, Diameter: 9 cm 
Colour: White, Variation : Ribbed white 
Design: Gry Fager for Norman Copenhagen
Characteristics : Suitable for dishwasher and microwave 

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