Rosendahl, Grand Cru Soft Thermos Jug

With the Rosendahl Grand Cru Soft thermo jug, you get a test winner, designed in organic shapes that add elegance to any table, without overshadowing the food. In the Grand Cru Soft collection, great emphasis has been placed on the practical usability of great kitchen basics that will last a lifetime. Its elegant, round lines makes it easy to combine the range with other tableware and cutlery.

This capacious thermos jug is exceptional in retaining heat and combines design and function. The push-button lid lets only a small amount of heat out during serving, while the double-walled glass liner increases insulation. Perfect for using at home and on the move! Available in matt red and white.

  Kshs. 7,800


Series: Grand Cru Soft
Designer: Rosendahl
Colour: White and Matt red
Material: Plastic, glass liner.
Height: 22.2 cm
Width: 16.2 cm
Depth:16.2 cm
Volume: 1 l
Please note: Not dishwasher-safe. The plastic does not contain phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA

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