Jensen bowls from Normann Copenhagen - set. 3 pcs.

Jensen bowls are a popular and unique dish, which for many years have lived up to consumers' demands with both high quality, great design and functionality. Ole Jensen has designed a product that combines both the preparation and serving of food. The bowl has a spout to accommodate easy flowing fluid as well as more viscous substances.

The Jensen Bowl is an extremely usable and beautiful bowl that calls attention to the quality in the ordinary. The idea for the Jensen Bowl came from the desire to design something ordinary. The bowl has a simple and accommodating round shape with no sharp edges. Its characteristic spout is a natural extension of the bowls upper edge. At the same time, the spout adds a distinctive expression that makes the Jensen Bowl unique. It is quite simply an extraordinarily ordinary bowl! The dishes are with their new colors not only practical for cooking but also decorative for severing of food.


 Kshs. 7,800 

Ole Jensen says: "Sometimes one should focus on the ordinary to be able to see the exceptional. Rather than trying to make the bowl special and different I wanted to accentuate the simplicity of the shape. I wanted to make a bowl that is a bowl - very much a bowl. No more and no less."

The bowls are supplied as a set of three bowls in two different color schemes. The kit consists of: 1 bowl of 2 liters, 1 bowl of 1 liter and 1 bowl of 0.3 liters.


Colour combination: Blue, pink and rose
Designer: Ole Jensen
Design: Norman Copenhagen
Material: Melamine
Size: 0.3 L: 15 x 6 cm, 1 L: 20.5 x 8 cm, L 2: 27 mm x 10.7 cm

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