Galzone Porcelain Bowls with Silicone Lid – set of 3

Solve your food storage challenges with the Galzone Bowls, that are perfect for food storage or warming. Galzone white porcelain is made of porcelain mass with a high content of quartz, which, along with a burning at 1350 degrees and a hard glaze helps to create the all-white Galzone porcelain. The porcelain is very strong, durable and resistant to impact and shock. It is oven proof and can withstand both freezer and microwave.  The bowls are sold as a set of three inclusive lids. However, it is also possible to purchase as singles.

Kshs. 4,950 set of 3. (Single Purchase Prices: Kshs 2,400 – Large, Kshs 1,650 – Medium, Kshs.1,050 – small). 


Colour: White  with  Black/violet lids
Height: 6.5cm
Depth: 12cm
Size: 0.28L
Brand: Galzone Denmark
Material: White Porcelain & Silicone Lid

Height: 7cm
Depth: 15.5cm
Size: 0.55L

Height: 8cm
Depth: 18cm
Size: 0.85L

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